Brand licensing for the fashion brand MINI

Brand licensing for the fashion brand MINI

MINI History

1959                Original Mini – Sir Alec Issigonis.

1961                 Mini Cooper – John Cooper.

1963                 Mini Cooper S - John Cooper. 

Monte Carlo Ralley Wins

1964                Mini and Paddy Hopkirk

1965                Mini and Timo Mäkinen

1967                Mini and Rauno Aaltonen 

1968                Cult Film - “The Italian Job”.

1971                Cooper production stops.

1990                Re-introduction of Mini Cooper

2000                5,300,000 total Mini sold.

2001                Launch of MINI.

2003                Re-make of “The Italian Job”

2007                1 Millionth MINI finds new home.

2009                MINI celebrates 50 years.

2009+              The most exciting part is still to come… 

MINI Brand 

  • MINI is a worldwide unique brand.
  • MINI has it‘s very own values and characteristics.
  • MINI brand gives a sense of direction and history, with a public perception about the business and it‘s products.
  • MINI brand values drive the way people act and behave and contribute to a unique MINI culture.
  • Brand values give the product character 

MINI the fashion brand is a well-known international lifestyle icon. Being a change agent the MINI brand stands for a significant paradigm shift within the traditional industry of automotive. MINI is global yet individual. MINI has its own values and characteristics. MINI is authentic, young, fresh, extroverted, open and friendly.

We drive the way people act, behave and contribute to a unique MINI culture. MINI is elder less and classless. MINI has a strong backing of an independent, yet credible international fan community – they do have a friend in the MINI brand and know what to expect. 

We always strive for new and unusual innovations. We want to re-consider established ideas and find new ways of thinking. With our authentic newness we are at the forefront of product innovation and design. 

  • MINI is authentic, not staged or set.
  • MINI is young, fresh and extrovert, not old fashioned or shy.
  • MINI is warm, open and friendly, not arrogant or cold.
  • MINI is unique and individual, not lost in a crowd. 

MINI Target Groups

Average Age Band of MINI Driver: 30-49 Years in Europe

  • Balanced Gender Distribution -slightly more women (40-70% Women in Europe). Mostly Married (40-70% in Europe)
  • DINKS: Mostly Double Income -No Kids (60-70% in Europe).
  • Medium to higher Education Level with high Income Level (Average annual Gross HH Income 70.000EUR in Europe).
  • They like to drive cars and spend money on it: More than two Cars per household in average (Europe)
  • Strong Interests in Outdoor Sports / Healthy Lifestyle
  • Interested in Cultural Events /Literature / Music
  • High Level of Social Interests /Friends / Networking 

MINI Brand Communication 

One global positioning.

High brand awareness worldwide.

A very strong & clear brand image.

Worldwide consistent communication.

Communicating one identical message to successfully address the international target groups. 

MINI Design Philosophy 

The creative Guidelines of MINI Lifestyle have been developed to establish a basis for the MINI lifestyle collections. They provide a “creative framework” for the 3D, accessories and apparel visualization and development of products to achieve a uniform global brand appearance and perception. 

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