Charlie Chaplin Brand


Born on April 16th, 1889 Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin was a silent film star like no other. Charlie Chaplin, as he was affectionately called by most took the film industry at the time and turned it upside down. He changed the way things were done. He inspired all that came after him. He introduced new methods to many who were working in the film industry for years. He became known worldwide and by the end of his career was given the highest honors someone in his position could earn. When you are looking for brand licensing ideas, and your planning on lining your brand up with a person, there is none better than Sir Charles Chaplin.
Charlie Chaplin is often said to have made a masterpiece with every film he produced. He not only stared in his films but he later began to control every aspect of making a film. Back in the day of silent pictures, when movies were a new way for people to relax, people wanted something they were familiar with. Between 1930 and 1940 people were creatures of habit so many of them would go to see a Chaplin film over any other when given the choice. Now for many this gives the impression of a boring night out. Going to do the same thing, seeing the same picture with the same actor. However, when you were going to see a Chaplin film nothing could be further from the truth.
Chaplin took every aspect of making a film and tried to make it new and fresh. Much of this came from how he made his films. He routinely would start with a script that had yet to be completed. He would then have his crew make a set based on simple ideas, a standard diner for example. He would then start the scene with nothing more than him entering the room. He would often improvise from there.
He would make his films in this way. As the filming would progress, a dialogue would ensue and eventually after filming the many different scenes his unique talents for improvisation would lend itself to the other actors and actresses around him and a film would be made. It seems a bit off base but for Charlie, it worked. No one could criticize him because his finished product, no matter how he got to that point, was always a gem. He routinely produced excellent films that people came in droves to see.
This, among other aspects of his character and life made him a star. He was not only a star in the US or Europe, but worldwide. He was the one person who did not lead a country, or hold some important post in government, who was known in every country around the world. You could go anywhere during his time and even now, and ask anybody of any age, race, or sex who Charlie Chaplin was and they could tell you. Now that is brand marketing. Without knowing it Chaplin made himself a worldwide brand.
There are other things and people that are surely able to claim that title. However, Charlie Chaplin, Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin is a character that people not only are aware of but love. The films he made were mostly comedies and rarely took an ugly turn. This gave people a very happy feeling when watching his movies and that feeling followed him everywhere. Even today his name and likeness invokes a happy feeling. This is something that every marketing campaign strives to earn. With Charlie Chaplin you have that from the start.
This is the draw of Charlie Chaplin and what makes him such a unique and wonderful brand to align yourself or you company with. When you market anything the point is to get people to know and want your product. The first step in that process is awareness. You need to get the attention of your audience in order to get them to hear your pitch. The best way to do this is with something they are familiar with. And Charlie Chaplin is something that everyone is familiar with.
That has been a proven fact. Not only is Chaplin a worldwide brand. But what makes him so unique is that he is not held back by age, race, or sex. Everyone knows who he is and they know him around the world. Brand Licensing is a game of awareness. And if you can start that game with something that people of every demographic know about then you have a head start.