Brand licensing for the fashion brand Acupuncture
The Acupuncture  fashion brand is young, lively and innovative with a certain anarchist line. It began in 1993 by Phil De Maskita, who was an acupuncturist by profession. He first manufactured this English fashion brand in Soho, but this was only the beginning. Since then he has certainly advanced further.
This fashion brand takes ideas from the 1960's while glancing at older accessories. Its modest beginnings eventually saw success, and within a relatively short span of time, some 6000 pairs of shoes were sold in Japan and the UK, and later all over the world. The firm then entered other designer fields which expanded its profits. The repercussions of its products were much greater than originally anticipated.
Celebrities the world over happily adopted the brand, including Madonna, Robby Williams and Beyork.
This fashion brand brings in something stimulating, surprising, a little brash. It suits young people with a little modern speculation, like those who have a very clear statement to make in the world of fashion. This is a fashion brand for young people who understand fashion and is meant for a very creative target audience.
The tremendous colorfulness led to the development of additional products, like shirts and other fashion accessories.
The footwear is suitable for young people, in all their colorfulness, creativity and passion. The shoes are compatible with the leisure-time culture of the younger generation that understands fashion.
So if you'd like to be part of this special innovative and not a little daring "statement" directed to a young and vibrant target audience – those who understand and buy fashion, you must look into obtaining brand licensing for the Acupuncture  fashion brand. The rest of the story is then up to you. So call us now – you won't regret it!
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