Brand licensing for the fashion brand AIRWALK
The Airwalk is a leading fashion brand that intended to everyone who engages in sport as a habit or as profession.It accompanied the profession hikers all along the way in each step.
The products intended for a young target audience relatively, of people who appreciate what is good merchandise and get for their money the best product with the service believed.
The company’s products are consisted by professional shoes in this category and other products.
The designing and the producing taking into account all important factors for the client, like: reliability, strength, safety, durability, flexibility and of course the beauty.
These days the brand is distributed in Europe and in other places all over the world, as a loveable and known fashion brand by lots of clients who appreciate the uniqueness and quality of it.
This line is young, fresh and colorful, the way that the owner feels like in a kind of a ‘party’.Part of the collection is characterized by heroes, which are champions in their own category, and leave their signatures on the productions’ line.
So is the fashion apparel with Andy McDonald- a professional in surf skate and a champion, that has his signature too, and the fashion brand that is also used as a sponsor for him.
So is Tulio Oliveira, from south California, a surfing champion, that signs on his collection. ANASTASIA ASHLEY is also a professional surfer, which sponsors the kids’ fashion.
So does WARREN METCALFE .In the ski fashion, can be found Erich Dummer‘s collection, a professional ski champion from Colorado and a corresponding collection of Lindsey Jacobellis from Vermont, that’s sponsors a professional fashion by her signature.RONNIE RENNER - represents the category of the professional bikers riding and is signed on his own collection of the Airwalk brand.
All those series and significant people are sings on the product, which say that they are glad to use the known fashion brand.
The fashion brand that is breaking into the world right now is being offered for licensing by the fashion brands licensing agency HW-BRANDS.
All you need is to contact the agency and then to enjoy success.


HW-BRANDS is your fashion brand licensing choice for AIRWALK