AYAP fashion brand

Ayap is an animated virtual character that drives that whole world crazy. It is a sworn sports-fan, and only drinks dirt-free, clean water. It likes soccer and enjoys life. It is now after a crisis, but is already waiting for the next adventure, which is probably waiting for him just around the corner; it also has many friends.

Taesagat is a hermit with abilities to tell the future.To save the Taeguk Island from intruding aliens,the purest dewdrops are gathered into the magic crystal to give birth to Ayap and Avangwool brothers. Brother Avangwool is witty, clever, and a naughty figure. Whenever Taesagat or Ayap is in trouble, he merges into one with Ayap and transforms to Hwarang Ayap .They travel the world together and have already been in many countries like Korea, Saudi Arabia, England, Spain and more.

Ayap is the next best thing in marketing for children, teenagers and adults as well. Every period has its animated character, that the whole world identifies with it and it becomes the next craze in the world of marketing. Ayap is exactly that character. It appears everywhere, loved and sold and simply cannot be ignored.

It is a giant, worldwide industry with a variety of successful products. You can find it in stickers-booklets for children with the countries’ flags. Its likeable character appears on fur dolls that are pleasant for touch. You can see it on hats, towels, books, key-chains, pencil cases, birthday gifts, stickers-booklets and more.

It is the next revolution in the world of marketing; something that encompasses the world and cannot be avoided from. It is the next craze, and it is already here; today’s worlds’ children and youth’s identification character.

It is a sweeping success who has got itself a lot of followers. Nowadays you can also find box games of Ayap, puzzles, and what not?

And now to your satisfaction, the brand is approved for franchising all around the world. In order to join this success, contact us, and join the festive which is AYAP; it will be your celebration as well.


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