Extreme Sports and its accompanying fashion accessories have gathered significant momentum over recent years. But this is not merely sport, but a way of life. In response to the market calls to establish something that will respond comprehensively to this issue, the Extreme Sports company was founded in 1999. Very few people since then cannot identify the firm's famous logo. The overall brand licensing plan of the company is now operating in 70 countries worldwide, including a television channel whose main theme is extreme sports. The company has also entered other arenas related to music and even the creation of extreme events.
The firm's main characteristic is its comprehensive thinking regarding sport equipment, leisure fashion and everything relating to these spheres.
The company founder, Al Gozlig has etched several important principles on his flag. He brought a new and refreshing way of thinking to sport activities. This is a refreshing leisure fashion brand that broadcasts a passion for freedom, testing limits and fun. The label's design brought in something new and different.
The overall goal of the label's designer was to provide a fair and correct economic value to the consumer for the product at hand. In addition, professional and efficient service was to be ensured. He also thought that it would be possible to bring leisure fashion into the office, calling it "sandals in the office". The company is interested in entering as many fields of sport as possible, as well as other categories, and is already involved in special diving suits.
The company provides excellent support services for brand licensing and accompanies them with advice and guidance all along the way. In addition, the brand appears on an energy drink and other equipment.
Today, in many homes all over the world, the "Extreme Sports" symbol is respected, valued and well known. The firm's surfing fashions have also entered the leisure wear arena, as well as footwear for every purpose and any other equipment associated with sports.
When one speaks about the "Extreme Sports" fashion brand, it is obvious that we are talking about something with high demand and respect among consumers, making it more than worthwhile joining the brand licensing opportunities for this firm. We the fashion brands licensing agency can make the process easier for you, so why not contact us immediately for further information. The best of luck to one and all!



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