TARGET : Boys and Girls 9+
Hip Hedz is a new design property from the creator of Lima award-winning boy’s brand Hot Foot.
Hip Hedz features many characters that belong to 10 crews that reflect the dynamism of street youth culture. This hip new property recognizes the desire of kids today to belong to an identifiable group.
The Hip Hedz crews reflect the diversity of styles in contemporary fashion and music.
The design direction of Hip Hedz has a fresh underground feel which appeal to tweens, teens and young adults.
Hip Hedz feeds on current street youth culture, reflecting up – to the minute pre-teen &young adult music, media & fashion trends.
Taking influence from their many years in kids’ media development, their interest in graffiti & world street art, &by keeping a close eye on what’s happening in both high-street & underground fashion, the creators of hip Hedz have developed a unique property with eternal appeal for kids , teens & “adult youth” markets.
With a current range of 50 different characters divided into 10 specifically targeted “crews” the property recognizes everyone’s desire to be part of & to belong to the latest trend groups.
Each crew has its own colors, styling & logo. Each Hip Hedz has an individual tag.
HW-BRANDS is your fashion brand licensing agency choice for HIP HEDZ .