Who Are Hot Foot
  • Target: Boys and Girls 4-10
  • Graffiti style urban graphics
  • Parent friendly and kid cool!
  • Extreme sport action
Aspirational characters , sharp funky graphics and focused licensing have all combined to make Hot Foot such a successful brand, all this without TV!
The Hot Foot crew are seven mad and totally rad kids who are completely devoted to extreme sports and there’s always plenty of competition between the boys and girls. Pip, the downhill skater leads the girl’s crew and Karl is the energetic dynamo behind the boys.
The crew repeatedly pull stunts, encouraging each other , sharing secrets, tweaking their kits, working harder and harder everyday to reach perfection.
They aspire to be the best.
The Hot Foot brand encapsulates the trendy world of extreme sports, utilizing the street imagery that attaches itself to turban youthy culture. Hot Foot licensed products are available in several of the larger UK high street stores. Products include: clothing, posters, mobile phone, fascias, party gear and stationery.

hot foot


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