Why Is Brand Licensing Needed?
If you are planning to open a manufacturing company that produces iron bars, maybe you won't need a brand. However, for fashion or other fields that are exposed massively to the public, a great brand is necessary. Moreover, you would also need brand licensing if you want to protect it.
Kashi Kisu is one of our principal brands. It is suited for teenage and young people fashion, but you could also think about buying it for some other kind of targeted public.
Kashi Kisu means Candy Kiss, and it is designed by one of the most proficient and dedicated designers in the world: Reilly. As he is a modern creator, the computer is one of his friends. Therefore, you might observe themes inspired from Mac wizard, or even some mysterious drawings from other computer themes.
Although the drawings are mostly cartoon characters and abstract colored pictures, the theme is suited for our modern cities and style. Moreover, the theme can be used internationally, as it would surely be appreciated by Japanese students and American teenagers.
We know the theme would carry your thoughts to the Anime Japanese movies. This is the way it should be. Kashi Kisu has everything needed for a complete fashion design. The theme tries to capture the joy of life from the Anime movies, but it is also combined with the aspects of our modern life.
Try the modern drawings for the walls of your fashion presentation room. Use the single elements for various purposes. For teenagers, Kashi Kisu has some astonishing backpack designs.
Don't forget about the bed coverings. A teenager needs every object harmonized, and the happy drawings on the black background will surely be the main attraction of every teenager's room.
As Reilly is aware of the importance of devices in the lives of teenagers, you could also find interesting Kashi Kisu designs for phones, smartphones, laptops and PC tablets.
For the boring school time, Reilly designed some great themes for pencils and notebooks. The parents would be more than happy to buy those products for their kids, and you can be sure that your Kashi Kisu fashion brand will surely be the main attraction of the school.
Don't forget about the main accessories of a fashion presentation... Clothes. Kashi Kisu has it all, from the happy underwear drawings to the mysterious t-shirts.
The theme would also need some standalone drawings to represent it. You would also have them, so your collection would be complete.
Having a license over the Kashi Kisu means to have the perfect instruments at your disposal for your business. Your task would only be to promote it, and considering the quality of the design, this task should be easy.
We would kindly ask you not to use any pictures from the theme for your personal purposes. As you might be aware about the importance of Brand licensing, you should understand the consequences also. Think about it from the perspective of our clients: they will surely not be happy about finding their themes on other sites or even on some clothes.






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