Brand Licensing for the fashion brand  Lambretta
What does the term "Lambretta" remind you of? A fast moving motorcycle? Or perhaps freedom and success? And indeed, the fashion brand Lambretta takes its influence from the 1960's, when motorcycles and their accompanying fashions were very influential and popular.
This impact continues today. This fashion brand has been worn by men and women who love the spirit and inspiration that they took from that era. So, for example, many famous people adopted the line, including Phil Willer, Vernon Kay and others.
This well known British brand includes a rich collection of leather products, jackets, shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, belts and other accessories. And there are also men's watches. The entire line is characterized by a young and refreshing look.
The Lambretta story begins in 1947 when, along with the manufacture of the motorcycle – which continued for some 30 years – the Lambretta name became a familiar symbol for youth and young people. In 1997 Lambretta entered the footwear business with a firm owned by Darry Konman. The fashion brand Lambretta gained a respectable place in the European street and became one of the leading brands in Great Britain and Europe in general, a real icon in every way.
In 2000, Lambretta began cooperating with the "Kafla" industries in Sweden. In March,2007 Lambretta was listed as a registered trademark, and in June, 2008, a business deal was made with the Fisher group.  In March of that year, the firm's logo and distribution rights sold to a subsidiary company of Toyota in order to ultimately open stores in Japan.
Today, there are Lambretta’s stores all over the world. That way, you can find 500 of them only in Britain in the prestigious streets in Manchester, in Leeds and in Northampton. - In Italy there are 175 stores, and there are more of them in France, Spain, Japan, USA, Portugal and Russia.
The Annual turnover of sales from the brand in 2006 (excluding watches) is over than 50 million Sterling in one year.
So has been said; do not argue with success- it has potential and ability.Therefore come and join to the wave of the success: did so by buying a brand license.Good luck!

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