New & Lingwood


•New & Lingwood is a world-renowned menswear company which was established in 1865 to serve the scholars of Eton College
•In 1922, New & Lingwood opened in London’s exclusive Jermyn Street
•The company combines an enviable heritage with modern luxury
•In recent years the company has expanded its presence in the UK retail market

•New & Lingwood do not merely purvey the classic English look; they helped to define it
•In a world where the English style is copied everywhere, New & Lingwood’s heritage and authenticity carry unique appeal
•New & Lingwood is part of an elite, refined lifestyle, from supplying the Oxford rowing team to jetting around the world for private fittings

•New & Lingwood started life as the official outfitter to Eton, the world’s most famous school
•The V-necked cricket sweater, baseball cap and boater are among the many clothing articles pioneered at Eton
•This partnership is frequently commemorated in collections of ties, socks and cufflinks

Licensed Collection
• New range of apparel and accessories, based on the heritage and individuality of New & Lingwood
• Focus on detailing
• Understated with sparks of eccentricity
• Combining quality with accessibility
• Available in top 30 House of Fraser stores

Licensing Particular emphasis is put on developing the brand on an international level.


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