Brand Licensing for Patrick Cox the fashion brand
This fashion brand is named after the English super designer and manufacturer Patrick Cox. He already launched his first very unique collection in 1985, and ended up being nicknamed the "guru of shoes". In 1991 he opened his first boutique store, and continued to advance while opening other stores. In 1993 Cox won a series of prizes, including the title "Accessories Designer of the Year".  This title gained him international recognition, and in 1994 he had his breakthrough when he opened his first boutique store in Paris.
Slowly but surely his fashion brand became well known on the entire European continent thanks to his unbridled successes in Great Britain, France and Italy. In more recent years, with increasing awareness of contemporary fashion around the world, he has also succeeded in Asia, Japan and even in the Middle East.
In 2003 he worked as the creative director for Charles Jordan, but after two years went back to working independently in order to respond to his loyal fans and customers and concentrate on his business.
He worked with Hard Rock and is now the creative director of Amnesty International. He is identified with contributions to various charitable causes like "Save the Children", the war against breast cancer and more. He has stores in Manchester, Paris, Leon and New York.
Patrick Cox created two separate lines under different names, with both being available for fashion brand licensing. Patrick Cox is a footwear line that is unique and meant to challenge what is already out there in stores while expressing innovation and ingenuity. It uses a variety of only the highest quality and best materials. The main feature of the product is its price. The firm aims at the 25-40 year-old range at prices between £120-220. The shoe line is sold independently by exclusive boutiques and stores like Harrod's.
Thanks to the shoes' success, they even appear in the Victoria and Albert museum as well as the National Gallery of Australia.
Patrick Cox shoes are very popular with celebrities, including Madonna, Elton John and others.
The collection includes shoes, boots, sandals, bags for men and women and is characterized by its uniquely quality and entertaining line. Patrick Cox shoes have been featured on many fashion magazines covers the world over.
There is also another line of products aimed at a younger crowd (20-30 years of age), and which also cost a bit less, between £ 70-120 on the average. But this collection is for men only.
Anyone with any understanding of the fashion industry will definitely choose Patrick Cox products. What about you? Join us today in brand licensing for Patrick Cox and join many others who have already seen guaranteed success from their franchise.


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