Peter England fashion brand
Peter England is a synonym for quality; everyone who came across this name in the past 100 years knows, that it is a name foretelling about a specialty in making shirts; a known, and an esteemed brand around England.
The brand was a part of the British warlike effort in the BOERS war, during the years 1889-1902. The factory took it upon itself to be the military’s national dresser in that war.
Today, a century later, the brand still exists, alive and kicking, and is recognized as a leading brand in the making of male shirts (buttoned-down) mostly. It offers a wide collection of day-to-day models and models for evening-wear, like quality shirts for events, in an affordable price.
The brand’s history is interesting. It was founded in 1890 by Hogg & Mitchell , as a shirt-making factory, that was sold under the name ‘Old England Brand’.
In 1947 the brand, which up until now was under private ownership, became a public company. In 1957, the company was overtaken by another group and ever since it was named Peter England instead of the ‘Old’ of before. In 1962 the business was handed over to Carrington ViyellaK, and in 1969 the company made a breakthrough when it came out public with shirts made of polyester combined with cotton, when the market was in the phase of nylon shirts.
During the years, Due to massive investment from two Northern Irish factories, Peter England becomes the largest shirt manufacturer in Europe and the leading firm in Europe for making tailored male shirts.
Nowadays the company is spread all over Europe and England in particularly; with about 800 sale points, including a few independent shops, agents and a whole team dealing with sales.
The collection is divided to formal shirts with a short or long sleeve manufactured in large sizes, in a variety of colors, having a high market demand. For example, there are 26 colors just for that type of shirts.
The design is innovative and seldom there is a combination of additional fabrics in it, like Satin.
Also, day-to-day shirts can be found, in a variety of colors, with a short or long sleeve, made of polyester or cotton, having a wide selecting to costumers.
But still this does not contain everything – in addition you will find sunglasses, socks, shoes, underwear, fashion, suits, jeans, suitcases and watches.
The brand is now offered as a franchise by the brands agency HW-BRANDS and fits whoever has a clue about quality, and commercial reliability that has proven itself for over a hundred years, for distributing worldwide.


Peter england

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