Pink Cookie Identity & Longevity
Pink Cookie is the perfect fashion brand for those with independent fashion/design sense.
Pink Cookie is ALWAYS on trend for each season.
Pink Cookie has longevity because design elements expand and evolve quarterly to reflect the latest in fashion trends.
Pink Cookie is the next step up for the growing market of edgier and more independently minded customers.
Pink Cookie Design is committed to creating and maintaining strong consumer recognition for the Pink Cookie brand.
Pink Cookie PR/Publicity
In 2008, Pink Cookie retained PR firm D&E Marketing Group ( to spearhead ongoing PR/Publicity efforts which are still on-going today.
D&E Marketing maintains and develops contacts with journalists at many key consumer and trade publications.
D&E is committed to generating positive consumer publicity, product placements and promotional opportunities for Pink Cookie products and the Pink Cookie the fashion brand.
Pink Cookie Design can be found at key trade shows throughout the year and around the world.
2010 trade event schedule includes Brand Licensing C&EE (Budapest, March 8-9), Kazachok Licensing Forum (Paris, April 8-9), Licensing International Expo (Las Vegas, June 8-10), Brand Licensing Show (London, September 28-30), and the German Licensing Trade Fair (details TBD).
International brand Licensing
Less than a year after its brand licensing launch in the USA - and having made a big splash at not only the International Licensing Show in New York but also shows in London, Paris and Munich among others - Pink Cookie™ is already being embraced as an international fashion lifestyle brand.
Brand licensing for the fashion brand Pink Cookie
The colorful "Pink Cookie" fashion brand grew out of New York, the heart of the global fashion industry, as part of a worldview of progress and modern, free and relaxing lifestyles. The company gives expression to the different streams that exist in fashion today by utilizing the possibility of creating a personal line for every person who uses the company's products, without the need to imitate anyone. Each product has its own identity. For this fashion brand, it is permitted and even desirable to be creative. Each individual can mix, adjust and create a private statement, that special something for the particular person in the field of fashion.
After this breakthrough came success together with the opening of several retail stores the world over to sell the products.  It was therefore possible to find company stores in the US, France, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Turkey and of course, England. The products must carry the strict standards institute approval wherever they are sold. The fashion brand is approved for international brand licensing and franchises can be purchased all over the world.
Pink Cookie is committed to freshness and innovation at all times, and is part of a liberal and free lifestyle where everyone is invited to express him or herself.
Some stores are exclusively for the brand and others carry the product line. This is a young fashion line that takes a stand. Some products are indeed pink like the logo, but the color range is wide and diverse by any standard.
The collection is highly diverse and, including attractive jeans, fiery t-shirts, and sexy, but comfortable, lingerie. Footwear, bags, socks and fashion toiletries and other products for home and room are also sold. Altogether a very highly personal statement is created, with all products carrying the company logo.
Products are aimed at young women and women who are young at heart. You can find all your leisure fashion needs, whether for home or special events, at Pink Cookie the fashion brand.
Most Pink Cookie items are made of 100% cotton as part of a worldview that insists on your feeling good with the clothes you wear. It is very important that you be comfortable and that the clothing be of high quality, and this is exactly what Pink Cookie promises.
This is a quality fashion brand and everyone wants to be involved in it. This means either the young women who want to wear Pink Cookie fashions and identify with their innovative idea, or the licensee who take on brand licensing, which is a very worthwhile idea!


Pink Cookie
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