Poko fashion brand
Have you not heard of Poko yet? Poko is a character from planet “Rabbina”, a likeable character with a cool personality. One time she saw from her planet, singers on earth and found them to be really cool and decided that she also wants to make her dreams come true and be a singer. She arrived to earth and honors us with her presence; she is already practicing singing and dancing.
Whoever did not hear about Poko so far, must have missed something important taking place here. It is an animated character, a character having her own personality and characteristics. This is just the time to share it with you; Poko is actually a pink pig that loves Karaoke, dancing and singing.
Her favorite food is milk, bananas and cranberries. She’s constantly under a diet, likes sports and good looking guys with good manners. Also, she prefers to put eye-shadow as makeup and of course, her favorite color is pink.
If you lived under a rock in the past few years, you haven’t heard of her; however, you’ll find it very difficult to ignore the power of success. Like other animated characters which conquered our world and became a first-class marketing asset, so is the brand industry which is Poko. You can see it on top of posters in which you’ll see Poko the singer or Poko in love, Poko the devil, and so on, as much as you can think of. Children, teenagers and adults as well, are crazy over her, with her defiant personality. So you can find different collections of the brand, distributed with a wide and diversified chain of products.
Poko can be found on top of any back-to-school equipment, notebooks, diaries, booklets. You can find it on stick-it cases or on fur dolls which are pleasant to the touch; on bookmarks, puzzles or as a smart phone application. She has her own posters for room decoration, and also a video based on her image which is already screened in over 150 coffee houses of the coffee shop chain “BENE coffee”.
Like the characters Pikachu and other similar characters who conquered the world in their times, and were a marketing revolution, today is the time for Poko.
Poko will get deep inside your heart, and especially your pocket. And one who can tell a success when he sees one, will tell it this time right away. Today Poko is an approved franchising-brand and whoever whishes to be a part of the global revolution that has lately overtaken us, must have the brand Poko. All that needs to be done is turn to the brands’ licensing agency, HW-BRANDS.COM, and Poko will star in your business as well, as a leading and winning brand. Why wait? Do it now!

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