Brand licensing for the fashion brand Punky Fish

The Punky Fish fashion brand is much more than a fashion line. It is actually almost sacramental, combining the classic with the modern and not for naught are its products so popular all over the world. Some 550 stores presently stand behind this fashion brand and its success has not yet peaked.
What does Punky Fish have to make it so special and popular to so many people worldwide? We also asked ourselves this question, but there is indeed an answer: the head designer of the firm, Kamel Gaduezo, created a unique collection of items that give out a sense of a lively street. The clothing is real and meant for the young and the young at heart. There is obviously cooperation with other designers, but most of the inspiration comes from the 1970's and punk rock culture and an emphasis on clear colors. Another characteristic of the fashion brand is the wide use of zippers and belts. As a consequence, the fashions of the 1980's were added with sport apparel, and when all of these components came together they created a contemporary line so typical of Punky Fish, and it is indeed hard to mistake. It's just not like anything else.
You will find in the Punky Fish collection colorful and gay swim suits for nice summer days in lines that suit young women and which catch the innocence of joy of this age. Likewise, you will find watches, bags, glasses, lingerie, make-up and room and home accessories and more. For example, the shirts reflect a colorful look of youth and freedom. You can also find footwear of this leading firm, which of course meets the same high standards of quality, color and prestige.
The company's fashions have adorned many weekly magazine covers all over the world. This is the ultimate proof of the interest Punky Fish products pique everywhere they are found.
The company's success has had a wide-ranging impact on the world consumer market using the brand licensing franchising system. Many countries in the West, South America, India and Arab nations have already purchased such franchises for Punky Fish. The company's success lies in its creating a collection that suits all of these diverse cultures, and this is the most respectable and greatest achievement. Today, the brand licensors have become an integral part of the general production line of Punky Fish.
Don't wait any longer….join us now in this unbridled success and take part in the fashion rage that is Punky Fish.


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