Brand licensing for the fashion brand Spyker
Originally, Spyker was a Dutch automobile manufacturer. In its new form, it produces racing cars of Formula 1, as well as hand-made luxury vehicles together with an accompanying fashion line.
In its very name, Spyker states its goal to reach even greater fame and accomplishments. The company was founded in 1880 by two brothers, Jacobs and Heinrich Yan, with the former passing away in 1929 in Holland.
The company's motto today is to sell hand made, and not assembly line cars. When it first started out, the company manufactured horse-drawn carriages, moving to airplanes (during WWI) and ultimately, and mainly, moving to luxury cars.
At first, Spyker was the only Dutch car manufacturer whose name was written only in Dutch, only later changing its name to Spyker, which was more easily marketed around the world. The company started operating in the city of Hilversum, and moved to an Amsterdam suburb in 1898. Spyker was the producer of the golden Dutch carriage in 1898, which is still used by the Queen of Holland.
Car manufacturing began in 1899, first presenting the 4-wheeled Bentz car and afterwards with 6 cylinders. This was actually the world's first single-engine 4-wheeled vehicle with brakes. In 1905 the company produced an additional model with a radiator, which became very popular before the first World War.
They came out with another model in 1907, which turned out to be a disappointment. But they continued to improve and ultimately the 18-horse-power model proved to be very successful in a Paris-Beijing race. After the founder's death in 1907 (sailing accident), the firm faced bankruptcy and was purchased by others, with the original second founder no longer being involved.
The firm faced difficulties once again in 1913 and was again sold to new owners in 1915 who had been airplane manufacturers in the past. They wanted to produce both planes and cars.
Holland remained neutral during World War I, so Spyker sold plane engines to all buyers. Once again the firm fell on hard times in 1922, and the purchaser of its rights was the British distributor of the firm. Prices dropped but this didn't help. The firm then began manufacturing 2-ton trucks, operating till 1926, when the firm stopped operating in this form.
In 1999, having nothing to do with the original company, a new Spyker company was founded for manufacturing cars. The new brand certainly drew its inspiration from the older company. Today, the firm manufacturers special and exclusive vehicles for private individuals. The base their manufacturing on the old tradition of design, and most sales are exclusive and private.
Since 2000 the company underwent a major upheaval, and began participating in British auto shows with the Spyker 8C, winning top prize for design. In 2006 the company participated in the prestigious Paris-Beijing auto race with their D12 racing car. That same year the car also appeared in Geneva in the 76th international event for racing cars. This is by all means an amazing and exclusive vehicle. The firm also produced titanium bicycles that also won an important prize for design.
In 2007, the Spyker C12 Zegato came out, once again displayed in Geneva, and in 2009, the new Spyker C8 participated in the same competition.
This car label is very strong in today's market for racing cars and events, like Formula 1, as well as being a favorite of world-renowned celebrities. And the car appears in all motor-vehicle events in the industry.
As one sign of success, Spyker's cars were used by Atari and Microsoft in certain computer games. The Philips Company joined Spyker in an agreement to promote its new electric shaver. Spyker cars also appear in many films, like "Basic Instinct", and have also been represented in the music field.
What typifies the Spyker customer? These are people who see importance in design and who share a passion to be different; people who prefer a product on an artistic and classic level in cars, just like in timepieces.
Obviously, these cars can only be purchased by those who can afford them, meaning the kind of people who own yachts, private planes and the like; people who enjoy luxurious vacations and motor-sport events. Most are men aged between 35-55, independent businessmen who integrate their business careers with an active interest in sports. Many are celebrities. Another characteristic of the Spyker target audience is creativity, economic prosperity and those that demand a very high standard from everything they buy; people who built themselves up, usually alone. This type of individual will therefore not buy just any car, but only vehicles that were especially designed for him.
These cars are for people who no longer have to prove themselves to anyone, and often the Spyker is the 7th car they own, after the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Austin Martin, Bentley and Porsche.
In fact, the market for these vehicles grew to 500 in 2000 and 2,500 in 2005. These quantities obviously show that the cars are all individually and hand made. The main market is in Europe, the Middle East, China, Russia and the US, and the cars still participate in all international motor-vehicle events.
In the spirit of this luxury car a corresponding fashion brand was produced using the same logo and maintaining the same quality and exclusivity as their original product. The fashion brand uses unique emphases and design that make it better than most other brands.
So anyone who has ever seen a Spyker on the road, or even dreamed of owning such a car, can at least now own "Spyker" in different forms: watches, clothing and accessories that carry its exclusive logo. As mentioned, the fashion brand Spyker line excel in its elegant, classic design, uses only the finest materials and guarantees the same Dutch excellence of days of yore.
Anyone familiar with the Spyker fashion brand or has ever fantasized about it will now find it available to one and all. Anyone who knows how to recognize quality, prestige and beauty can now purchase Spyker products in retail markets. And anyone who knows about the fashion brand's economic and sales potential will understand the importance of purchasing the brand licensing of the fashion brand Spyker line, which offers quality and dependability that have no competitors.
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