Tootal fashion brand
The brand existed since 1888, when it summarized its vision in several words. Pioneering spirit – in textile, design and manufacturing; Entrepreneurship – the brand made a few innovations in the techniques and processes in order to reach a perfect product; and human quality – reflection, of the brand’s people, that investments should also be made toward the company employees in education fields and promoting a medical plan for the brand’s technical staff, in order to promote them for something better.
In 1909, it was already a well-known brand to the aristocrats and the working class as well. Everyone could find a product that will fit them in the brand company’s variety of products that were planned as a pyramid. A majority of products fitting for every pocket, and a minority of high-end products, meant for aristocrats alone.
The product exports nowadays a large selection of products to 60 countries around the globe.
In 1934 the product also entered the tie market that up until then was for rich people alone. Thus a change was created in the market, so that not only rich people could buy ties but also countrymen.
About 40% of the products’ produce are now meant for export.
During the 60s, 70s and 80s of the past century, Tootal’s fashion could be seen on different men wearing a variety of the company’s products, starting with formal shirts for day-to-day activities, PJs, sweaters, socks, ties, tissues and underwear.
Nowadays the brand’s products in the British market are turning toward those aged 35-55 while covering a wide range of products: shirts, jackets, belts, PJs and underwear. There is also a product group for women, all made of cotton.
The collection is now up for brand licensing including formal fashion, casual fashion, tourism fashion, underwear, socks and tissues.
700 points of sale can be found today for the product, in England and beyond. There is also a jerseys’ department, sweaters and shirts made of wool; a classic department for older men in which scarves, shirts and more can be found.
By now you can find the brand approved for franchising in Europe, England, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Dubai, India and Thailand. The collection in its wider view contains all products starting from sunglasses, shoes watches, to underwear, fashion, socks, suits, jeans, PJs, watches and suitcases.
The brand is well known for over 150 years, as a credible presentation of the English style and we are positive that you too will want a license for this brand in your hands. You can do it by addressing the brands licensing agency HW-BRANDS, to show you the shortcut, between the product and success.



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