Hello, and welcome to THE HORRIDS!
THE HORRIDS are new and exciting characters that appeal to both the younger and older audience alike.
Whilst primarily aimed at 6 to 10 year olds, THE HORRIDS will entertain older children and adults as well (Everyone loves a fart gag!)
Many creations for children nowadays feature anodyne, safe characters and storylines.
THE HORRIDS seeks to entertain in a fun but slightly edgy way, allowing the reader or viewer to enjoy a little guilty giggle.
Created by Anthony Williams, the Comic Stripper, THE HORRIDS feature the advantages of a bunch of little monsters and a constantly expanding cast of supporting characters who inhabit a fantastic, dimension warping, crazy and funny world.
Launched in the 2010, these Horrid kids are ready to burst into the merchandise, animation and licensing worlds.
Within these slightly gooey pages is all you need to convince you to join THE HORRIDS gang on their mission to make the world a funnier, smellier place!


THE HORRIDS feature fantastic, humor, wicked illustration and funny slogans, All mixed together to create an irresistible package.
THE HORRIDS has been carefully crafted and created for 6 to 10 year olds.
But don't worry if you're older and find yourself laughing, this stuff is funny!
THE HORRIDS graphics are bright and colorful with amazing, edgy slogans, which are perfect for licensing.
These characters are for today's kids.
We aren't bogged down with worrying about trying to re-create what's already out there.
This is something NEW!
It is a brand that kids want to be associated with because they like it, not because it's like the last big thing.
We are the NEXT big thing!
THE HORRIDS are going to become a "monster" brand.
Join us if you dare!


THE HORRIDS offer you amazing licensing opportunities.
We are creating a fantastically fresh concept that is taking on a life of it's own.
THE HORRIDS are supported by fabulous comic books and illustrated text stories and a constantly expanding style guide, created in house by the Comic Stripper creatives.
Whatever your area of interest, be it publishing, product, media or a multitude of others, THE HORRIDS is a brand that will enhance your portfolio.
Added to that, this is a brand backed by a cutting edge illustration and multi-media studio that can and will ensure that you have the images and content you need.


And why are they Horrid?

THE HORRIDS are those strange kids that live in the big old creepy house at the end of Primrose Crescent.
You know, that bit just beyond the garages next to the fetid pond.
The bit where it always seems to be miserable, grey and turgid and the rain comes down in lumps.
These flatulently fantabulous character live in a strange world where anything can happen and often does, usually with unexpected consequences.
Our six ghoulish anti heroes are perpetually sucked into insane adventures, often pursued by the Parsnip sisters, a duo of cantankerous old spinsters who are determined to stop the kids having fun, even if it means chasing them through time and space or even other dimensions.
So without further ado, let us meet the stars of the show along with their ever-expanding cast of supporting characters!


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