The Realm

The Realm


3 oceans, 1 realm. Welcome to the lifestyle of a SoCal surfer. Rising from the salt of San Clemente, CA. the realm took hold as one of the most anticipated surf brands of its time. To surf the ocean is to surf the realm.

Brand Essence

Designed by Surfers for Surfers.
Since the beginning, the realm was born from the ocean salts for function, styles, & form.
-        Beach -  Attitude -  Culture -  Creditable -
Surf Lifestyle:
The realm prides itself on being an original surf lifestyle company, planting the seed in 1997. Through the years of growth, the realm has stayed true to its core values.
-        Ocean – Free – Independent – Social Conscience – Fun -  Relaxed – Custom  -  Evolving  -

Brand History

The three cresting waves of the realm's tri-wave logo represent the saltwater fusion of the surf lifestyle in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans.
The realm was born in southern California in 1997 by noted surfers Pat O'Connell and Mike Parsons to create an independent core surf brand for surfers by surfers. They ultimately built an enviable team including Tom Curren, Donovan Frankenreiter and many more.
The realm designs reveal themselves to the true surfer in everyone.
Since its inception, The Realm's action sports image has been based on the heritage of the surf lifestyle. The Realm represents the waterman lifestyle that stands the test of tides and function.
After more than a decade, The Realm has become globally recognized with strong distribution in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Holland, France, Czech Republic, and Japan.
Authenticity and respect for the surf culture shaped The Realm's brand identity in the early days. A new generation of team riders, designers, youth culture leaders and long time – surf addicts are the future of the realm nation.
The product line has expanded from boardies and tee's to a complete surf lifestyle solution – including rash guards, wet suits, footwear, eyewear, accessories and beach cruisers.

Since 1997

From the early days in the Salt Creek, San Clemente, to mainstream global presence, the realm's presence is felt throughout the world's oceans and waves.
Currently placed in over nine countries, the realm is a multi-tiered brand sitting alongside many core labels and is continually growing in each of these markets, developing and creating leading edge products in and out of the water.


We consider that surfers around the globe have the same stoke, whether they are a grommet, teens or a master. With this in mind, we offer a full size range from Boys, Girls, Teens, Men & Ladies.
BOYS:       8-15yrs
MEN:         15 – 50yrs
WOMEN:   14-33+yrs

International Advertising

Since the beginning, a key to our global approach has been marketing and advertising.


At the realm we pride ourselves on producing high quality fashion-forward garments.

Products on the World Stage

The realm has a global appeal no matter your lifestyle…
from core surfer to rock on film legend.




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