Hi there and welcome to the world of ZERO-HEROES!

We live in a world where super-heroes abound.
Whether it is movies, television, games, online content and most especially licensed products, no matter which way you turn there they are.
All these heroes have one thing in common; they were created many decades ago and have to be constantly reinvented to try to make them culturally relevant.
Well, now it's time for a new set of heroes (and demented villains).
Heroes created in our time, not our granddaddy's.
We live a new digital age. An age when kids and teens and socially aware adults expect entertainment with a difference.
Zero-heroes are the antidote to wholesome web swinging heroes and grim dark-knights and poke a finger in the indestructible eye of Super-duper men everywhere.
These super powered misfits burst into life in 2010 and are set to explode into the merchandise, animation and licensing world.
Contained within this fine document is all you could possibly need to tempt you to join us on our journey and hopefully have a few laughs along the way.
Today a Zero-Heroes lunchbox, tomorrow the world…


Zero-Heroes feature cutting edge humor, innovative illustration and memorable slogans.
All mixed together to create an irresistible package.
Zero-Heroes have been clearly and cleverly targeted of the diverse age groups.
Some of the images and themes are predominantly aimed at kids others at teens and young adults.
We demonstrate in this guide both clear demarcation between the demographics and also clear opportunities to cross from one age group to another, creating the potential for a broad and long-term fan-base.
Zero-Heroes style reflect today's cutting edge on the limit subversive humor and sensibilities.
It is a brand that kids and teens want to be associated with and say, "I get it"
Zero-Heroes is going to be a runaway train of a brand, jump on board for the ride!

Licensing potential

The Zero-Heroes offer huge licensing potential!
Okay, we would say that wouldn't we, but we firmly believe you are looking at a breakout brand.
Zero-Heroes offers a winning combination of a new, original and very distinctive brand that also exploits the global popularity of super-heroes.
Whatever your area of interest be it publishing, product, media or a multitude of others, Zero-Heroes is a brand that will enhance your portfolio.
Added to that, this is a brand backed by a cutting edge illustration and multi-media studio that can and will ensure that you have the images and content you need.

Anthony Williams is the creator of the Comic Stripper.

His first love has and always will be comic book illustration. In a 25 year career, he has had the opportunity to work on bestselling books for many international publishers most notably Marvel and DC.
He has illustrated all of the most popular comic book characters including Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Spider-man, X-men, Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk and Thor. He has created many images and strips of much loved cartoon characters such as Scooby Doo, Ben 10, SpongeBob and the Flinstones to name nut a few.
With such a constant demand for his services, he has created the Comic Stipper studio. With the help of his studio cohorts, Antony continues to create iconic images for all forms of media and is channeling his many years of experience into new exiting characters, artworks and brands.




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