Acer Brand's Spirit


Acer’s mission is to break barriers between people and technology.

Life is full of barriers waiting to be overcome, and technology barriers come in different forms. Technology should empower the lives of everyone, and we aim to make it accessible to as many people as possible to improve the quality of life.

We’re a brand for the many, not the few, and we’ve helped bring technology to nearly every corner of the planet.

The Acer brand is rooted in a set of fundamental beliefs:




Acer makes products for the many, not the few. Our drive doesn’t come from publicity or awards, but the empowerment of people.




Everything Acer makes carries our customers and the industry forward. If it’s not improving lives, it’s not worth making.



Acer sees problems not as challenges to be solved, but as opportunities to better understand our customers’ ever-changing needs.



Goals For Brand Licensing Partnerships


In Acer’s spirit of breaking barriers, we’re excited for the opportunities afforded by our licensing engagement. With a brand licensing agreement, we aim to maximize benefits for both the brand owner and partner, using both parties’ respective strengths to:

•Leverage our mutual strengths to build a strong, long-term business

•Grow through increased awareness and strength of the Acer brand

•Build incremental opportunities and expand to new markets and categories

Interested in purchasing the Acer brand license for your products?

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